Our Strategies

Our program and strategies – EMP+ is a diversified, actively managed investment program designed to generate better returns than the S&P 500 Index with less risk.  The program has developed into two strategies:


Financial Strategies


EMP A is recommended for the aggressive investor willing to accept the risk of S&P-like drawdowns (systematic risk) in the quest for better than market returns. EMP A is expected to be about as risky as the overall market and generate higher returns under most conditions. Suitable investors will typically be in the process of building their retirement account. As part of their strategy, they often plan on additional contributions regularly for the next ten years or more.


Financial Strategies


EMP B is recommended for conservative investors who prefer less volatility (reduced systematic risk) in their retirement account but are unwilling to sacrifice returns for safety. EMP B is expected to be about half as risky as the overall market, allowing it to outperform in market declines and causing it to modestly underperform in rising markets. Suitable investors typically expect to retire within ten years and wish to avoid a significant drawdown in their retirement savings.